Overcoming prejudice as a community

I believe in reform through education. I think education is the only way we can make a long-lasting impact on people. People have to get to the conclusion themselves to believe in it. If somebody does not believe in doing something, they will not continue doing it in the long run.

To educate people, we should include some classes in schools to cover a few topics. Teachers need to educate young people. I think it is important not to bore students with data. This education process needs to be engaging and fun to have a proper impact on young people.

In addition to education, we can introduce fines for discrimination in organizations. The way I want this implemented is for companies to be innocent until proven guilty. I don’t want people to abuse this system for their personal gain.

Another important action that we should do is, we need to ask our leaders to speak about these kinds of topics. It can be our world leaders, community leaders, teachers, athletes, etc. In the case of world leaders, there should be laws in place to prevent discrimination. I believe that laws cannot change how people think, and therefore, they cannot prevent prejudice and stereotype, but they can help fight discrimination.

Lastly, as community members, we can fight stereotyping by reminding our friends and community members that they are stereotyping whenever we see them do it. Again, I think it is important that our actions should not irritate people, which can have an inverse and negative effect on people.

I think fighting discrimination is much easier than fighting stereotyping and prejudice as we might be able to force inclusion in organizations or communities, but we cannot change what people think.



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Mohi Beyki

I’m a graduate student of Computer Science & Applications at Virginia Tech. Tech Enthusiast, Deep Learning Expert!